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About Agriculture Projects


Way2ABI offers professional end to end PMC services in the Agri and Allied sectors in the State of Karnataka. These project services would include a) project planning, b) project execution and commissioning and c) operations management and retainer services besides marketing support. Sizable agribusiness projects would be considered under this services. About 25 project services those are suitable in the State of Karnataka have also been identified. Potential service users can fill and submit the below enquiry form and Way2ABI would respond to such enquiries.


Agricultural Projects

Steps for Project implementation

Project planning and DPRs

• Concepts & business ideas – Cultivation, processing & marketing • Land for the project- Own, under section 109 & KIADB • Project funding plan - Bank, VC funds & Govt. financial assistance • Project planning - Infrastructure & master plan • DPR preparation - Background study, business model & financial viability

Project execution and commissioning

• Vendor selection & construction commencement • Avail Bank loan and Govt. financial assistance • Clearances, approvals and registrations • Progress review and quality check • Execution of business plan and programmes • Commencement of business operations

Project operations Management

• Marketing strategy and implementation • Regular operations management

Retainer consultancy services

• Outsourcing of selected work • Retainer services

Agriculture projects opportunity in karnataka

    Farm of Medium Size Farm of Medium Size
    Organic Farming Organic Farming
    Goat Farming Goat Farming
    Crop Cultivation under Greenhouse Crop Cultivation under Greenhouse
    Animal Husbandry & Dairy Animal Husbandry & Dairy
    Apiculture Apiculture
    Food Parks or Processing Hubs Food Parks or Processing Hubs
    Ornamental Fisheries Ornamental Fisheries
    Whole Tomato Crush Whole Tomato Crush
    Virgin Coconut Oil Virgin Coconut Oil
    Packaged Fruits Juice Packaged Fruits Juice
    Spices Oleoresin Spices Oleoresin
    Nursery For Seedling Nursery For Seedling
    Jaggery Processing Jaggery Processing
    Ornamental Horticulture Ornamental Horticulture
    Agri Inputs & Implements Agri Inputs & Implements
    Warehouse & Pack-house Warehouse & Pack-house
    Cold Storage Cold Storage
    Crop Production Cluster Crop Production Cluster
    Farmer Producer organisations (FPO's) Farmer Producer organisations (FPO's)
    Centre of Excelence (COE) Centre of Excelence (COE)
    Agri Tourism Agri Tourism
    Export Operations Export Operations
    Retail operations - Especially Shops Retail operations - Especially Shops